Saturday, November 20, 2010


I received an email this week.  The person (a male) said he found my blog dispicable (deserving of contempt or scorn; vile).

First, he apparently did not like my post on gay teens.  He completely misread my message.  I was not gay-bashing. I have friends who are gay, and they are great.  I was bully-bashing...referring to the many, recent suicides by gay teens because they were being bullied, and I talked about how parents need to teach their teens tolerance.  I did reference the Bible verse that says "do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman".  This person said, "I do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman, I lie with a man as one lies with a dog"...WHAT?

Second, he didn't like my post on marijuana and salvia.  So I'm guessing he uses drugs from time to time.  Then he said something about me talking bad about teenagers (sorry I deleted the email).  When I started this blog, my intention was to keep parents informed of the dangerous trends teenagers get involved in. Never once in my blog have I said anything negative about teenagers themselves. (Heck!  I have two myself, and I love them with all my heart.)  I talk about the trends, signs, symptoms, and dangers of each trend.

Just because a teenager gets pulled into one of these trends, whether it's drugs, alcohol or any of the other trends I have discussed, that does not make him/her a bad person, and I have never said that, and for those who read my blog, I don't think they get that impression.

So for a change of pace, I tweeted KidsAreHeroes and asked if I could use a couple of their stories about  the great things teenagers are doing to make this a better world.  So enjoy!

After being bullied/cyberbullied in middle school by a former friend who accused Cati of stealing something and with the death of Megan Meier, Cati looked for resources online for teens and found almost none and decided for her 15th birthday to start a web site just for teens and parents of teens to prevent it from happening to anyone else. Cati started her movement of caring among teens and has toured America to raise awareness about cyber bully prevention and her goal to unite a million teens against cyber bullying. She has also asked President Obama for a National Cyber Bully Prevention Day. She is also Founder and President of the CatiCares Club at Scripps Ranch High School, a club open to all students who take the pledge not to cyber bully. With approx. 60 members it has become one of the largest clubs at school.

Jason has had his business, Pencil Bugs, since he was nine. As soon as he started making a little money, he began donating to help foster kids. In 2008, he switched charities and started a gift bag program with Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego, California. Each quarter he buys toys, games, books, etc. and delivers them to the hospital. He also has an annual fundraiser to give extra at Christmas. Last year, he raised over $5,000 which enabled him to buy 1800 teddy bears for the kids. He began the same project again this year in July and hopes to make it even bigger.

Blare Gooch set out to aid in the emotional support of the Children in Haiti by sending them Teddy Bears. He collected over 32,000 and sent them through Rays of Hope for Haiti International Relief. By collecting enough funds to send a 40 foot container, Blare continues his mission and sends a 20X 18 in. box filled with crayons, paper, jump ropes and balls to ophanages and schools in Haiti.

Diana Onyonyi has been involved in ensuring girls get a good education by raising funds towards building a girls dormitory and stocking a library for the Karura school located in the outskirts of Nairobi. She personally raised USD $12,500 towards this cause and led a funds drive that raised a total of USD $75,000. The dormitory foundation is complete; there are new books in the library.

Lately Diana has organized Career talks and Health talks for the school, exposing the students to the opportunities available to them in various aspects of life. Diana would like to emphasize the importance of helping young women who will positively impact the world in the future.

For more inspiring stories, visit KidsAreHeroes and I will continue to blog on dangerous teen trends, because like Dr. Phil always says...the teenage brain is not fully developed and they need their parents to guide them through these tough years, so it is very important for parents to stay informed and involved in their teenager's life.


Anonymous said...

love it!! two of my best friends and most amazing friends in my life are gay.... love this post... bringing awareness!!! to many issues.

♥The Sweet Life♥ (Alessandra) said...

No your blog is NOT dispicable at all. Don't listen to him. Your blog is GREAT! I'm happy you bring awareness to various issues. Keep doing what you are doing & feel proud.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

I'm going to guess this was someone that is not raising a teenager and has no idea what we are faced with.
Those are great examples of teens doing well and it is unfortunate but true that kids don't always make these kinds of choices with their lives.
You keep up the Good Work!

Emmi said...


Thanks for popping by on Sunday Stroll! I love your blog. I used to be a school counselor so anything about kids I love! And you really should sign up for Swagbucks...LOL

The Queen of Swag said...

Thanks so much for participating in my Simple Sundays Blog Stroll! I'm now following back. Thanks so much again!

Stef said...

Hang in there - I just found you via Blog Frog and I don't find you despicable at all! In fact, my next step is to add your blog to my reader so I can stay up-to-date!

Reluctant Writer said...

Thanks for following. Im following back. What a great blog. Keep the good work.

Anonymous said...

You made some nice points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found mainly people will consent with your blog.

Anonymous said...

This was really interesting. I loved reading it

My Boss is Teething said...

I'm glad you took the time to clarify your message (which is clearly not despicable!). Great post!

I found you through Picket Fence Blogs - following you now!

Mars said...

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