Thursday, September 15, 2011


I can't think of one teenager, who doesn't like to roller skate.  I saw an opportunity on Business2Blogger  to review Heelys.  Now, since I don't get out much, I had never heard of Heelys, so I asked April, my 15-year-old daughter, if she knew what Heelys were and her eyes lit up, and of course, she knew what I was talking about. So I accepted this opportunity.

I had April look on the Heelys website to choose the shoes she wanted, and this was a hard choice, because there is such a great color selection.  She finally chose the black and pink shoes.

For anyone who is not familiar with Heelys, they are the original shoes with wheels in the heels that allow the user to transition from a walk to a roll by shifting the weight to the heel.  Users can also transform Heelys into street shoes by removing the wheels.

Heelys HX2 has two removable wheels in each shoe, making it ideal for younger kids and beginners.  Not only is it easier to maintain balance, but the HX2 also does not require as much leg strength to lift up your toes to skate.  When you get the hang of skating, convert the HX2 into a normal pair of Heelys by removing the front wheels.  Pull out both wheels, and the HX2 becomes a normal pair of street shoes.

The first thing I thought when I saw these shoes was, "I wish these shoes were around when I my girls were toddlers".  These would make the perfect shoes for a mother trying to keep up with her toddler...just kick your toes up and take toddler could outrun Heelys.   

Back to my review:  The Heelys are very well made shoes, and come in a wide variety of colors for boys and girls/men and women.  They look like a pair of running shoes, and since the wheels can be removed, they can be worn to school.  

You can check out the videos  if you would like to see Heelys in action before purchasing a pair of Heelys for your teen.  And of course, Heelys wants everyone to be safe while skating in their Heelys, so Heelys has a Safety Play Book

With the holidays just around the corner, Heelys shoes would make your teen happy!

I received a pair of Heelys Shoes for review purposes only as a Blogger2Business member (B2B Disclosure Policy).  This review is my personal opinion and was not swayed by the company.


Shannon Milholland said...

Thanks for the review but considering the coordination level my kids come by really honestly...I might have to come up with another Christmas present! :) jk

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

I've seen these but I never knew they were named Heelys. Clever. Great review. My kids are still too young. By the time they're teenagers, we probably won't have to walk anymore. Everything will be available to us via technology. :)

Anonymous said...

My son has a pair of these and loves them. He keeps telling me that I need to get a pair since I have such difficulty walking. I have no grace, however, and think I'd spend more time picking myself up off the ground lol. Thanks for the great review!

Visiting from voiceBoks Members to Remember.


Erin said...

I remember when my son used to LIVE in heelys. He would never take them off. When he decided that he was too old for them, he had trouble just walking normally for a while. It was funny to watch him. He thought we all walked too slow!

Nan @ Playful Decor said...

Oh, I'm sure my guys will want them when they get a little bigger! Luckily, they don't know about them yet! Have a good weekend!

Rosann said...

Ok, those are very cute. I need to make sure my kids don't find out about them though. They are terribly accident prone. LOL!


GJT said...

I always see kids weaving around in these, yet I have never actually tried them out. My 5-yo gets a kick out of watching people in them. But can you accidentally activate the wheel?

Gina from vB

Michael Ann said...

I think these are very cool! Stopping by for a little visit :-)

Becky Jane said...

Excellent review! my kids school wont allow rollers, but the ones that are removable might just work out!

Visiting from voiceBoks
Thanks, Becky Jane

Mommy LaDy Club said...

These are really cool actually. I wish they had them when I was younger. I could use them now even, but I have Spanish saltillo tile in my house, and even though I could get around faster, they would get caught in all of the grout grooves...too bumpy.

~ Kel said...

new friend and follower from vB follower party!

Michelle said...

these are banned in our grocery store! I've never tried them myself, but I have seen people wear them. I bet your daughter had fun and I loooove the colors she picked out! Stopping in (really late!) from vB MTR!

Kim Bee said...

My daughter used to love these things. Went everywhere on them. Your daughter sure picked a great pair. Great review. I would not use them just simply because I am a klutz and would hurt myself and everyone around me.

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike...I was thinking these would be cool for me when I go do errands and other stuff. Yeah, no more drive-thru for me; I can just whisk by with these on.
Awesome review by the way,
Spanish4Kiddos – The Spanish Science Corner

Christine said...

That is so great that your daughter was able to review these Heelys! Maybe I should get myself a pair for traveling around campus, lol. I'm your newest follower from the Voiceboks hop. -Christine @ Why We Love Green,

kids flip flops said...

Wheels on heels I think it's different, but it looks cool. It's looks like a skate.

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