Sunday, October 14, 2012


October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.   Bullying is a topic I have covered in the past, and it is a topic we need to keep in the forefront, because 28% of students ages 12 to 18 are bullied in school over the course of the year.

"Hello, Herman” is a movie that features the tragic story of a young man who is pushed over the edge by bullying.  "Hello, Herman" is a poignant examination of the making of a teenage school shooter. Its provocative and powerful subject matter speaks to teens, parents, and educators, as well as anyone who has endured the universal experience of needing to be heard."

This trailer sent chills up my spine, as I live in Pearl, Mississippi where a school shooting took place on October 1, 1997, where two students were killed and seven were wounded.  The student had been bullied every day, and he said, after the shooting and killing his mother, "I killed because people like me are mistreated every day," he said. "I did this to show society: Push us and we will push back." *Bullying was a factor in 2/3 of the 37 school shootings reviewed by the US Secret Service."

Did you know, 49 states have anti-bullying laws on the books (Montana is the only exception).  "In schools where there are antibullying programs, bullying is reduced by 50%". 

"There are numerous locations at a school where kids are more susceptible to bullying. School playgrounds and bus stops are locations where bullying happens quite often, even though there is usually some type of supervision on site. 43% of middle school children avoid the bathroom and locker rooms at all costs due to the certainty of being bullied. 
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"Hello, Herman" is more than a's a movement.  Join the 1 Million Kids Movement now. 

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Columba Lisa Smith said...

This is a tough, heartbreaking subject. Thank you for promoting awareness. I am so sad for the kids who go through this, it is so tragic.

Pepper Tan said...

The topic of bullying always breaks my heart. I feel for all the victims of all forms of bullying. Hopefully, this movie will increase awareness among us, and spur us to action.

Lisa Gradess Weinstein said...

Your post really resonated with me as I have a teenage daughter who just started high school. From what she tells me, it is such a different world. Some of the kids are downright mean and nasty. In the cafeteria the older kids throw things at my daughter and her friends during lunch (like carrots) - fortunately, she is really grounded and so are her friends. But I can see how it can get out of hand. One thing I really worry about is cyber bullying. Kids don't know how dangerous Facebook can be. Thanks for an informative article! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for getting the word out, there is so much bullying out here, its just out of control!

Susan said...

This is an incredibly tough subject. I, like Lisa, have a daughter that just started high school and I worry about this kind of stuff every day. Great post.

Theresa said...

As much as we are hearing about bullying, I really hope that the message is getting through to the kids these days. It really is such a different world now than when we were kids. The trailer also gave me chills. Thanks for helping to spread the word!

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