Wednesday, March 18, 2009


* Alcohol is the most commonly used drug among teenagers.
* Alcohol kills 6-1/2 more teens than all other illicit drugs.
* 8 teenagers a day die in alcohol-related crashes.
* Teenagers who drink alcohol are 50 times more likely to use cocaine.
* 65% of teens report getting alcohol from family and friends.
* 50% of high school seniors report drinking alcohol in the last 30 days.

* 10% of teens say they have been to a rave & ecstasy was available at more than 2/3 of these raves.
* 28% of teens know a friend or classmate who has used ecstasy.
* There is an estimated 708,000 new inhalant users each year.
* 56% of teens age 12-17 reported that marijuana was easy to obtain.
* In 2000, more than 60% of teens said drugs were used, kept or sold at school.
* Teenagers whose parents talk to them regularly about the dangers of drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those whose parents don't, yet only 1 in 4 teen reports having these conversations.

* The average age for a teen to start smoking is 12.5 years of age.
* There are more than 3,000 new teen smokers a day.
* Although it is illegal to sell tobacco products to teens under the age of 18, most underage smokers are able to buy tobacco products.
* By 8th grade, 52% of teenagers have consumed alcohol, 41% have smoked cigarettes & 20% have used marijuana.

* Motor vehicle crashes (MVC) is the leading cause of death in
15-17 year olds.
* 16 year olds have a higher crash rate & and are more likely to die in an MVC.
* In 2006, 3,490 teens ages 15-20 died in crashes.
* Between the years 1995 & 2004, 15, 16 & 17 year old drivers had crashes that claimed the lives of 30,917.
* In 2005, of 1,000 15 to 17 year olds surveyed more than 1/2 use cell phones while driving; 69% speed, 64% speed to go through a yellow light, 68% played with radio/CD player, 49% eat & drink while driving, 47% said passengers distracted them, 1/2 believe most crashes are caused by alcohol.

* Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among teens age 15-20 years.
* 8.8% of teenagers attempted suicide in 2001.
* 14.8% of teenagers said they made a plan to commit suicide.
* Males age 15-19 are 5 times more likely to commit suicide than females.

* An estimated 2,800 teenagers get pregnant each day.
* 7 in 10 girls have sex before age 14.
* 1 in 4 teens who are sexually active become infected with an STD.

* Homicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among teens age 15-24. Homicide is the leading cause of death in African-Americans of the same age group.
* In 1999, 4,998 youth, age 15-24, were murdered (an average of 14 per day).
* In 1998, 1/3 of all victims of violent crime were ages 12-19.
* 1 in 2 rape victims are under the age of 18.
* 1 in 6 rape victims are under the age of 12.
* In 1993, 32,130 males, 12 and older, were the victim of rape or sexual assault.

* 1 in 7 children age 10-18 will runaway at least once.
* There are an estimated 1 to 3 million runaway & homeless kids living on the street in the U.S.
* In 1999, an estimated 1,682,900 youth were runaways.
* 68% are ages 15-17.
* 77% were gone less than one week.
* 7% were gone longer than one month.
* 1,700 engaged in sexual activity in exchange for money, drugs, food or shelter.
* Runaways are in danger of sexual exploitation and other crimes.

During the teen years, parents really have to stay alert and be aware of what their teen is up to & who they are hanging out with. And children seem to be exposed to alcohol & drugs earlier every year. So even if you have an 8, 9 or 10-year-old, start talking to them now, because they still listen to you at this age.,


Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Parents shouldnt assume that their kids arent drinking. My kids laugh when I tell them none of them are going to prom nite because of drinking and stuff...and they all giggled and said - what do you think happens on weekends, mom?

Anonymous said...

Have a DYNAMITE day my friend!

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