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(This blog is written to inform parents and others of disturbing trends of teenagers.)

Salvia Divinorium is a legal, powerful hallucinogenic herb easily obtained by teens. Salvia is not a new drug or plant. Salvia is a member of the sage family and a common garden plant.

Teens experimenting with Salvia may find themselves unable to stop.


  • Psychic effects include perceptions of bright lights, vivid colors and shapes.
  • Uncontrollable laughter.
  • Visual alterations.
  • Body or object distortion.
  • Loss of physical coordination.
  • Sense of total confusion or madness.
  • Intense dissociation and disconnectedness from reality.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Dizziness and dysphoria.
  • Physical and visual impairment.
  • Synesthesia, e.g. hear colors and smells sounds.
  • Sense of flying, floating, and twisting.
  • Feeling of being underground or underwater.
  • Experimenting multiple realities.
  • Loss of sense of awareness as an individual.
  • Feeling as though one has entered into the "realm of the dead".
  • Becoming inanimate objects (a wall, stairs, a couch, etc).
  • A negative experience can be living nightmares and blackouts.


  • Sally D
  • Magic Mint
  • Shepherdess' Herb
  • Diviner's Sage
  • Sage of he Seers


1. GENERAL INEBRIATION (a few hits) - Similar to mushrooms with brighter colors and increased sexual desire.

2. INCREASED POTENCY - Users fall into trances.

3. FURTHER INCREASED POTENCY - User remains conscious, but loses accurate perception of actual surroundings. At this point, the person should not be left alone and must have a sober person in the room. The user is in an altered reality, will wander, and encounter brief periods of unconsciousness and blackouts.


  • When chewed, its effects appear within 5 to 10 minutes.
  • When smoked (most common), its effects appear within 30 minutes.


There is a Salvia language that has been created specifically for this drug. These words are used to describe a "trip". The use of this language may be the only clue a parent has that their teen is using Salvia:

  • After glow
  • Besaged
  • Dissociadelic
  • Dream people
  • Fantasia
  • Floating
  • Goofy
  • Magic Casements
  • Mind Tunnels
  • Sound of silence
  • Visions
  • Strange attractor
  • Weird
  • wiSalviaom


  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska (Beginning in December 2009)
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Virginia


  • Louisiana
  • Tennesee


  • California
  • Maine

"Salvia Divinorum has been steadily growing in popularity over the last few years due to the incredible visionary mystical experiences people are having. Many people are discovering Salvia Divinorum as a powerful tool for soul searching, exploration of consciousness and pure bliss."

In researching Salvia Divinorum, I found it is often hard to detect if your teen is using this drug. It is usually done in groups, because of the hallucinogenic effects, and these effects can last between 15 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the method of use. This is one more reason why parents have to stay aware of what their teens are up to. Become familiar with the language above, because as I said before, this could be the only clue you have that your teen is using Salvia. Listen to your teen and his/her friends talking. Get involved in their conversations, ask questions. They won't like it, but hey your the parent. I still get in the middle of Hollie's conversations (even if she's on the cell phone & I only hear a one-sided conversation). She gets irritated with me, but I just smile and tell her I love her.

(As with marijuana, there was mention of health benefits of salvia divinorum, but my blog is geared towards dangerous teen trends.)

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Chris said...

Nice summary of the salvia trend some teenagers are involving themselves with. I've heard of only one case where the person "could not stop" using it - the more common reaction is that most people try it only once as the effects are not that pleasant. It's not fun to have your view of reality torn apart.

I was curious as to why you considered this a dangerous trend or activity.

Anonymous said...

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Take care now.

jeanine said...

wow I had no idea this even existed --- Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

you can ck me out at

Frugal Vicki said...

I saw a special on this on Dr. Phil. It seems absolutely frightening, especially since it is so easily available. Just scares me to think what they are going to be into by the time my son gets older.

Unknown said...

wow. Good information. Glad I no longer have teens.

Tami Z said...

I didn't even know that this existed. THank you so much. I will be following your blog. Such great information.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post -it's scary to hear what teens are now getting into -I had never heard of this!

Reviewer11 said...

Yikes! That's scary! Thanks for sharing that important info with us. :O

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest :) From SITS

Unknown said...

I'm back again to say Happy Sunday! If you haven't visited my blog yet, I hope you will!

Shawn said...

Whoa,----I don't have a teenager anymore---but I have never heard of this one...scary!

Just visiting over from SITS---great blog and I will be checking back for more info. to pass along to my friends with teens...

Adriana said...

I never even knew such a drug existed. Thanks for this. I love reading your blog. My son is entering his teenage years and it's really good to have all this info. Thank you.

Teresa @ ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥ said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from SITS! I wanted to share some comment love.

I really like your blog. I have 2 teen daughters myself and, even though they are awesome girls, I still try to keep up with as much info as I can so that I can hopefully detect any unusual behavior if it should happen. I totally agree when you say 'Get involved in their conversations, ask questions.' You can't be too involved in your kids' lives. Thanks for caring enough to make this information available to parents. You're doing a fantastic job!

I hope the rest of your week is absolutely amazing!

Many Blessings,

Teresa <><

tori said...

Just came over from SITS. Nice to see you blog about teens. I do too. Doesn't seem to be too many out there. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Have a great Thursday!

Beth said...

Wow that is so scary! I'll never look at Salvia the same again.
On a lighter note...Happy SITS Sharefest Satruday!

JaelCustomDesigns said...

I have two tweens and a teen. Thanks for the information. I'm clueless, that's scary...

Popping in from MBC! Now following you. :-)

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Holy crap, I did not know this and I planted this in my yard. It's a butterfly-attracting flower.
Found you from SITS and I will be back,as a mother of 2 teens myself!

Sara's Whimsy said...

I have never EVER heard of such a thing! Thanks for the info!

Brenda Jean Hyde said...

You have SO much awesome information! I'm adding you to my new blog (On the Front Porch) under Blogs That Make Me Think cause you do! Keeping information is SO important. I grow herbs and didn't even know about this!

Terra Heck said...

Hello! Stopping by from SITS. I have six kids, two of them being teenage girls, and this blog is quite informative. As for Salvia, I had never heard of it before or even knew it was something used as a drug. Thanks for the great information. It's another thing to keep an eye out for.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Thanks for this info, I like to think of myself as a pretty informed individual, esp. when it comes to drugs, as my profession prior to disability was a compounding pharmacy tech. But I will admit that I had never heard of this and this is scary stuff. Congrats on being todays FB on SITS. Hope you have lots of visitors, enjoy the spotlight.

Sara E said...

interesting... I've never heard of this before

thanks for sharing

Angela said...

OMG!!! I'm going to have to keep coming back to your blog as my kids become teens. So much useful (and scary) info!

I came to grab your button. :) You can see it in my blog roll.

intervention ae said...

Thanks for posting, I'm also concerned about "poppers" and other drug trends..

Anonymous said...

I will not concur on it. I regard as nice post. Especially the designation attracted me to study the intact story.

Where to Buy salvia said...

I enjoyed reading your summary! I do think it's important to know that it's just the one STRAIN of salvia that is able to induce hallucinogenic effects, that's the divinorum genus.

There are hundreds of different strains of salvia that offer a lot of opportunity for gardeners to add texture, flowers and sometimes fragrance to the garden and don't induce any sort of drug effects.

Anonymous said...

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