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I know I wrote a post on this topic last year, MODERN-DAY SLAVERY, but human trafficking is a growing problem in the US, with no end in sight. Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion. Its victims are dehumanized and treated like property. They are usually under 18 years of age. Traffickers often target children and young women. They routinely trick victims with promises of employment, educational opportunities, marriage, and a better life.

  • Human trafficking is the third largest criminal industry after drugs and firearms.
  • Traffickers often work as a part of a larger criminal organization, but some traffickers are individuals or families. 
  • Each year, an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 men, women, and children are trafficked across international borders (some international and non-governmental organizations place the number far higher), and the trade is growing. (U.S. Department of State. 2004. Trafficking in Persons Report. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of State.)
  • Each year, an estimated 14,500 to 17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked into the United States. The number of U.S. citizens trafficked within the country each year is even higher.
  • An estimated 200,000 American children are at risk for trafficking into the sex industry.
  • *Sex traffickers use a variety of methods to “condition” their victims including starvation, confinement, beatings, physical abuse, rape, gang rape, threats of violence to the victims and the victims’ families, forced drug use, and the threat of shaming their victims by revealing their activities to their family and their families’ friends.
  • 70% of all victims of trafficking are trafficked for sexual purposes.
  • 80% of all victims are women.
  • 50% of all victims are youth and children.
  • 9.5 billion dollars have been made off the bodies of young girls and women in sex trafficking.
  • 20,000 individuals are trafficked INTO the United States each year.
  • In the United States, any minor child involved in commercial sexual exploitation is considered a victim of human trafficking.
  • St. Louis Woman Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison on Federal Sex Trafficking Charge 
  • Key Member of Atlanta Human Trafficking Ring Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking Charges 
  • Five Sentenced for Forcing Guatemalan Girls and Women to Work as Prostitutes in Los Angeles
  • Houston Man Sentenced for Human Trafficking and Alien Smuggling Charges
  • Ohio Governor's Former Faith-Based Director Arrested for Online Prostitution Review Business 
  • Former NBA Player Accused of Sex Trafficking 14-Year-Old
  • Apple Admits Child Labor & Sweatshops Used to Build iPhones

This is just a sample of news reports on human trafficking happening in here the U.S.

is a documentary produced by George Clooney, intitled "Playground Documentary". It is very graphic, but it discusses the growing problem of the child sex trade going on right here in the US.

**"While women and children are particularly vulnerable to trafficking for the sex trade, human trafficking is not limited to sexual exploitation. It also includes persons who are trafficked into 'forced' marriages or into bonded labor markets, such as sweat shops, agricultural plantations, or domestic service.

  • Become informed. Google "human trafficking" and learn all that you can.
  • Educate others about human trafficking. Talk to your friends and family to bring more awareness. to this immoral practice.
  • Write an article for your local newspaper.
  • Write about human trafficking on your blog.
  • Include information about human trafficking in local newsletters or bulletins.
  • Give financially.
*"The Home Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking both domestically and abroad. Through advocacy, education and relief efforts, The Home Foundation is committed to end the suffering of women and children sold into sexual slavery.The Home Foundation was founded in 2005 by singer/songwriter Natalie Grant. After Natalie was awakened to the real-life, ongoing tragedy of Human Trafficking, she threw herself into a deeper research on the issue. What she found disturbed her so greatly, that Natalie knew she must do something to fight for these helpless victims – precious souls without a voice.

After learning that over 10 million children world-wide have been sold into sexual slavery, and inspired by her trip to the red-light district of Mumbai, India, Natalie Grant founded The HOME Foundation with one goal in mind: to help those who may not otherwise be helped."

"The HOMES Project is an extension of the Home Foundation that specifically focuses on building and sustaining restoration homes. Researchers estimate that 100,000-300,000 people are presently being held in trafficking situations here in the US. Tragically, there are less than 50 beds in shelters dedicated to these girls and many of them are not in Christian homes. Rescued victims have specific needs and wounds that only specialized restoration facilities can offer."

Please MAKE A DONATION to help The Home Foundation put an end to human trafficking:


Tell Craigslist to Make REAL Change in the Adult Services Section of Craigslist! Craigslist is known to promote prostitution that sometimes involve children and human trafficking victims. Please go to the link below, sign the petition, and tell Craigslist to make a real change in the adult services section and refuse to promote the exploitation of women and children.




Lesley said...

I have read and seen so much on this lately....I'm so glad the word is getting out....and hopefully one day soon these people will not have an outlet to destroy the lives of these innocents....

Happy SITS day!

Melanie said...


Most people have no idea that this sex slavery trade is thriving in the U.S.! Our church is parterning with an organization called Project Streetlight- to raise awareness of this issue here in Phx. Good for you for blogging about it!

Stopping by from SITS....


PS-Your blogger template and button are totally cute! Where did you get it done? I need a button bad, but haven't found someone who can do them yet (that will actually return my messages!)

I am Harriet said...

Wow- that's a lot of info and very unfortunate info at that.
Great post!

Stopping by via SITS to say hello!


Zoie @ BnBbyGilliauna said...

This is an excellent and informative article. I had no idea that this was such a huge problem (nor about that tidbit concerning Craigslist).

Thank you so much for shedding a light on this!

Unknown said...

This made me cry this morning.
It breaks my heart. said...

thanks for sharing this information - always good to have resources. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier too!

Cascia Talbert said...

Wow, these statistics are really eye opening! Thanks for sharing them!

Laura said...

Trying the 1,000 comments for March too. Not in the right frame of mind to get into a heavy issue tonight so I am just stopping to say Hello.

Katinka said...

Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a great Friday :)

Elizabeth Channel said...

Frightening information, and I am hearing so much more about it every day. Thanks for being such a great resource!

w said...

thank you for sharing this info. the statistics are horrifying.

I am Harriet said...

I'm stopping by to thank you for taking on the Comment Challenge.
Good luck and thanks!

Irene said...

Thank-you for such a powerful informative post on this horribly sad subject. These people are simply animals.

Danae Hudson said...

I have a group of friends who started a group that is trying to end trafficking in the U.S.

Here's their website, if you're interested:

Stopping by from SITS

jennie.newland said...

Wow, thats all I can say! Wow. Well I'm off to google about this!

Dropping by from SITS, have a great day!

Cyndy Bush said...

This is so terrifying. Thank you for raising awareness.

Thankfully Thrifty said...

Wow thanks for this post. This is awful. I've heard of this some through IJM, but you don't expect it here. Thanks for informing.

Andria said...

Hey, I stumbled upon your blog from SITS. I have a website and blog about teen books and the content that is in them. I'm trying to inform parents about the stuff that their teens are reading so that they can make informed choices about the things that are going into those impressionable brains. Anyway! I'm thinking about having a day where I just talk about teen issues, and I'd love to link to your blog sometimes if that's ok with you. I'd also like to put your blog in my blog roll. Let me know what you think!

Panamamama said...

Such an important thing to get info out on this.
Visiting from SITS. :)

Sadie said...

Thanks for sharing. So scary. Something has to change. :(


Cindy said...

this is such a sad reality. For some reason I feel an extra pain because I have a small daughter and thoughts of what other children are forced into, usually due to poverty absolutely breaks my heart.

visiting from SITS

Wendy (The Local Cook) said...

Also visiting from SITS. This issue has been on my mine a lot lately. When the people were stopped from bringing the "orphans"into Haiti, I heard a lot about so-called orphanages being used to traffic children. SO sad.

Anonymous said...

Over from SITS.

What a great post. I also touched on this a bit today.

Blogger said...

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