Sunday, February 1, 2009

God, Prayers, & Miracles - Part 1

I know there are a lot of people who don't believe in God, who believe prayer is a waste of time, and that miracles are just a coincidence, but my story will show that prayer does make a difference (and no, I'm not going to preach).

In July 1990, I was in a car accident. Now I don't remember being in an accident and I don't remember being in the hospital or even going to work on that fateful day. Hollie was 6 months old at that time, and even though I remembered I had a baby, I don't remember having a baby - the whole being pregnant and giving birth - I don't remember. It's actually a strange feeling not being able to remember part of your past.

But back to the accident. This story has been told to me by my family over the years: When they got to the hospital, the doctor told them I had no chance for survival, because my brain was swelling, and I was losing a lot of blood and was not expected to make it through the night. Now I have family and friends all over the US, so prayer requests were sent out. By the next morning, there was no sign of my brain swelling, but I was only given a 2% chance of survival, and my head injury was so severe, doctors said I might not come out of the coma I was in...doctors said it could be weeks, months or never.

I should stop to explain that there was a newspaper reporter who picked up on my accident, and he wrote three articles while I was in the hospital:
  • "Pearl Woman Critical After 2 Car Accident"
  • "Pearl Woman Undergoes Open Heart Surgery"
  • "Nurses Cry As Pearl Woman Wakes From 3 Day Coma"
I became known as the "Pearl woman" who was in the accident, so there were a lot of people praying, and many pastors from different denominations visited the hospital and prayed with my family.

On the third day, my (ex) mother-in-law (MIL) said I came out of my coma at 10:00 that morning. Later that day, she took Hollie and went to the mall and was talking with a friend when a lady, who had overheard them talking, asked if they were talking about "the woman in the accident", and my MIL told her I had come out of my coma at 10:00 that morning. My MIL said this lady's face turned as white as a ghost. The lady said she was in a prayer group, and the woman in charge called everyone that morning and said she had this urgent feeling that they needed to meet and pray for the woman in the car accident. Then she said, "we started praying for Laura at 9:30 this morning".

My (ex) husband's side of the family is from Massachusetts, and they are Catholic. My MIL said when she got home from the mall her phone was ringing. It was her aunt who said that some church members held a mock laying-on-of-hands for me, where someone played the part of me, and everyone went around laying their hands on "my head" and prayed for healing. My MIL asked when they did this, and her aunt said around 9:30 that morning. My MIL told her, "you're not going to believe this, but Laura came out of her coma at 10:00 this morning". (My MIL said it was the strangest thing.  The doctors would present with a problem, then everyone would gather and pray, and by the next morning, the problem would be gone, leaving the doctors baffled.)

Even though I came out of the coma, the doctors told my family that I may never function at full capacity again.  The doctor said they would have to "wait and see".

My injuries included the head injury, a ruptured aorta, collapsed lung, fractured pelvis, lacerated uterus, fractured knee, fractured fibula and bruised kidney. Many doctors I saw told me it's a miracle that I survived the heart injury, because 98% of patients with a ruptured aorta die before they reach the hospital, and of those who make it to the hospital alive, 60% to 70% die within the first 24 hours.

I was raised in church and have always believed in prayer. I know there are many who have doubts about God and prayer, but if you just open your eyes and mind, you will see that God performs miracles, large and small, everyday.

UPDATE: Since posting this, I have had a lot of emails from people with questions about how can I say prayer works. Does God just choose to save certain people who pray? What about parents who pray for their dying child?

I don't claim to understand any of this.  And I have felt a lot of guilt over surviving this accident, because I had two very close friends who were killed in car accidents within a year or two of mine, and I have asked God many times "why me? Why did I live when I should have died? Why did I live and they die?"   I don't have the answers.  I just have to have faith and believe God has his reasons.

And by the way, God doesn't care if we question him.  He just wants us to pray and have faith that those prayers will be answered, even though he may not answer them in the way we want him to.


Roo @ NiceGirlNotes said...

Wow, that's crazy.

This really touches me, because as I type this, I'm sitting in the waiting room at the hospital. My six month old little girl is having kidney surgery right now.

My pastor and his wife are actually on their way to pray with us... and I'm just holding onto hope that God will use this doctor to heal our little girl.

Thank you for sharing!

JadeLD said...

I'm so amazed that you survived, I can't imagine how much something like that could change your life. It's not surprising that you have such a strong faith after reading your story.

Thanks for linking up on my blog. Have a lovely day,

Amethyst Moon said...

very touching story. I don't believe in a god,necessarily but I do believe in the combined efforts of thoughts and positive energy, but no matter what you call it, what matters is multiple people joined together and your here to tell us about it. Thanks for that!

Thanks for linking up on Tuesdays Gone at Life Music Laughter. Great post!

Shannon Milholland said...

Wow! What an amazing testimony of God's goodness and His absolute control and authority over everything. He doesn't answer to doctor's predictions. He doesn't bow to man's limitations. He is above it all! So cool!

Having Fun said...

I am one who does believe in the power of prayer. It doesn't always make sense why some are answered and some are not. I just that God has a plan for us and since we don't see the whole picture we don't understand why things happen the way they do.

One of my closest friend and her family are the most spiritual people I know. They've lost 3 children. One died of cancer when she was 4, another daughter drowned when she was 5 in a irrigation ditch at her grandpa's farm, and they just had a 21 year old son die in his sleep. Yet they never question why. They are at peace by prayer. God has given them peace.

Paula said...

Such an amazing testimony! Wow... I'm so thankful that God is in control. And I'm thankful that we can go to Him in times like this... and that prayer works! Some friends of mine also had a miracle happen with their little girl. She was diagnosed with a very rare form of brain cancer with not much chance of survival. After chemo and radiation, and many many tests... they found that the cancer in her brain had disappeared! That was about 16 years ago.. She just celebrated her 18th birthday! What an amazing God we serve! :) Thankful for your story!!

Barb W. said...

I do believe in the power of prayer and positive energy, there are miracles all around us. You certainly are very blessed!

My grandmother once told me that she thinks God keeps her alive to pray for people... maybe there's some merit to that as she's already 97.

Rossel said...

A very touching story. Not all are given the chance to live a second life. You're very lucky for having good family and friends who prayed for you.

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