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Did you know there are websites that teach young people how to become anorexic and bulimic?  This frightening trend is on the rise. Why are our tweens/teens so anxious about their weight?  Well, we all know TV/movies/models - Hollywood in general - plays a big role in this trend, because, according to Hollywood, thin and skinny equals beauty and healthy.

One such website is Thinspro (Thinspiration).  This website is a collection of images, quotes, and "mantras" meant to inspire or motivate an individual to be thin.  I took a look at this website.  It has pictures upon pictures upon pictures of very thin...too thin...dangerously thin girls.

"Let me be empty and weightless and maybe I'll find some peace tonight."

"Every day is another day to change your life."

"Make them regret the day they called you fat."

"Just because you are breathing doesn't mean you are alive."

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." (Kate Moss)

The above are just a few of the quotes scattered throughout the pictures of these too thin girls that are intended to be encouraging.

Thinspo also has many tips for weight loss:

  • How to make your metabolism faster
  • Facts on how to burn a pound, because "a pound lighter is a pound lighter"
  • Eat loads of vegetables and fruit to fill yourself up during every meal
  • Use diet pills to reduce body fat
  • Learn how to fast, binge and take laxatives and diuretics
  • Drink lots of water (even when you're not thirsty) to burn more calories by preventing you from storing fat
  • Burn 100 calories to music
  • Every 2 jumping jacks equal 1 calorie burnt
  • 100 jumping jacks equal one pound GONE
There are also Pro-Ana (pro-anorexic) websites, like PrettyThin, known as the world's largest eating disorder community and forum.

One Pro-Ana site lists the THIN COMMANDMENTS:

1.   If you aren't thin, you aren't attractive
2.   Being thin is more important than being healthy
3.   Buy clothes, cut your hair and take laxatives to 
      make yourself look thinner
4.   Thou shall not eat without feeling guilty
5.   Thou shall not eat fattening food without punishing 
6.   Thou shall count calories and restrict intake 
7.   What the scale says is the most important thing
8.   Losing weight is good, gaining weight is bad
9.   You can never be too thin
10. Being thin and not eating are signs of true             
      willpower and success

Clinical psychologist Lavinia Rodriguez, author of Mind Over Fat Matters: Conquering Psychological Barriers to Weight Management. "Pro-Ana fuels the denial that already exists in the disorder and entices vulnerable young people to go down the dangerous path of self-destruction termed 'anorexia.'

These online communities are no secret.  An individual can "google" any of these keywords to find all the help they need to maintain their eating disorder.

Eating disorders are not just for teens.  Children as young as 4 and 5 can develop an eating disorder, and  boys are also prone to eating disorders.

If you are a parent, you may want to look into blocking these types of websites from your computer. As I said above, all your child has to do is "google" the right keywords, and they will be taken to one of these dangerous websites.



rhonda said...

This scares me. Although many teenagers are searching for these types of websites, it is also affecting (I believe) the younger kids. They see the teenagers, who they look up to, and before you know it, these trends start younger and younger. I have younger children, and I pray these types of sites, encouraging people to be unhealthy, will fade away. I'm thinking these people need some serious help. Especially when they are encouraging others to be sick with them. Wow - this world.

it's great to "BE" ™ said...

I can always count on some powerful information coming from your blog, and this is no less one too. I have a teenage daughter myself and I will be taking your advice, although with the amount of ice cream she puts down in a day, I'm not worried about her being anorexic. She is very thin by nature though. One can never be too careful when dealing with kids though. Thanks for another great post!

Mommy Roxi said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe there are actually people promoting this?! I may not be the thinnest or the sexiest person in my group of friends, let alone the world, but I am darn sure I won't resolve to turning into an anorexic or bulimic.

It's scary and sad how people are pushed to be one and become sick because of peer pressure and very very low self-esteem. If families and the schools will just help make better characters with our children, this can be prevented, or at least lessened.

The Detox Diva said...

It's quite shocking how few of those recommendations are at all healthy! Eat plenty of fruits and veggies, great, but not for the reasons given... Drink water, excellent but for totally STUPID reasons. A generation ago women that were too thin were considered unattractive. how did we go so wrong? And HOW are websites like these even allowed to operate? I cry for our little girls today. As a holistic health coach and nutritionist I am starting to see as many underweight girls as I am overweight and it is just shocking!

Jennifer H said...

Oh wow, thanx for sharing this information with us!

Dominqiue@Dominique's Desk said...

Thanks for the information. I still feel that educating the kids are the key so that they know not all that is found on the web are truths.

The Budget Diet said...

I'm shocked, but then I probably shouldn't be! The internet can be a wonderful resource, but our teens need the power to make good decisions, and that is where we as parents come in.

Shannon Milholland said...

Laura that is so disturbing. Just one more reason I'm glad my teens don't spend much time online...

Pam said...

Wow, scary indeed. The Thin Commandments were absolutely shocking. I'm stunned. My daughter is 18, and we talk about this stuff all the time. Your post is a good warning. Stopped by from the Saturday SITS Sharefest. Have a great weekend!

Empty Nester said...

Wow. That's unbelievable. Since I work with elementary students, I'm going to pass this on to the school. I'm not sure they're privy to these sites. We raised 4 daughters (the lovelies) and I'm glad we avoided the internet as long as we could while they were growing up.

Visiting from Saturday Sharefest!

Mothering From Scratch said...

{Kathy} This is terrifying. Thanks for being a whistle blower. I feel like we need to pray for the people who write this damaging content. They are feeding lies to others and are profiting from it somehow.

misssrobin said...

There was a time just a few years ago when I was on some medication that was causing me to lose weight. I liked it. I even spent some time on those websites you mention, looking for ways to lose more.

I got past it. Heart disease runs in my family and quick weight loss is so dangerous for your heart. But it took a lot to overcome it. And that's as 40-year old woman. It's so sad what's out there.

Thanks for discussing it. It matters.

Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Camille said...

This is so scary! The owners of these sites should be prosecuted for contributing to kids's health being put at risk!!

Tammie Grey said...

Parents should really need to keep watch on their children's website activities. Pretty scary. Websites that teach your children to be unhealthy.

kushi said...

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Theresa said...

It's sad what some people will post online and try to promote to our children. I speak to my children about internet danger alot, but I still also have hidden spy stuff on their computers just to make sure my talks are getting through to them.

Just found your website from voiceboks. You have a ton of great information on here! New LF and GFC follower.


Miller said...

It's nice and very useful information for parents and children.

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