Sunday, January 25, 2009


MEMORY - The mental capacity or facility of retaining and reviving facts, events, impressions, etc., or of recalling or recognizing previous experiences. We all use memory in our day-to-day lives. We have our "working" (short-term) memory that allows us to remember what we need to know to survive day-to-day in our jobs, in school, and at home. There's the long-term memory that let's us have memories - some happy, some not so happy.

I never gave much thought to memory or how it works until I lost mine...MEMORY LOSS (AMNESIA) - Unusual forgetfulness that can be caused by brain damage due to disease or injury.

I was in a car accident with a severe head injury that has affected both my "working" (short-term) memory and long-term memory. I don't remember being in a car accident. I don't remember being in the hospital. I don't remember giving birth six months earlier.

I was in the hospital 28 days. When my (then) husband pulled into our driveway, I didn't remember living in that house or anything in that house (furniture, pictures, etc.). I got very upset, because all I wanted to do was go home, but I couldn't remember where home was.

When I went back to work ten months later, I didn't remember how to do anything. I sat down in front of the computer and just looked at it. I didn't even remember how to turn it on. I had been at that job for five years, and when I returned ten months after my accident, I had to basically learn everything all over again.

Yes, memory is a very complex component of our lives. I listen to family and friends talk about things I've said and done and events I should remember, but it's like they're talking about complete strangers.

My day-to-day life can get complicated, because of my when I come home to no lights or no water, because I forgot to pay the bill, and I can tell friends and family sometimes get aggravated at me, because I don't remember most things, and they have to repeat themselves two or three times, but the way I look at it, as long as I remember to get dressed before I leave my house each day, and I remember where my kids are, everything else will work itself out.


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