Sunday, January 25, 2009

Turning 13

My youngest daughter turned 13 yesterday (January 16, 2009). I surprised her with the phone she had been wanting (the Quick Fire), and I took her and her BFF to see Hotel for Dogs and then to Chick-fil-a to eat. (Pic is April - in yellow & her BFF, Kyra.)

Tonight, she is having a birthday party. 15 girls in all. Girls like to scream...I don't know why, but they scream and they scream loud. Girls also eat ALOT. 80 bagel bites in about 30 minutes, plus tons of other food. At any given second tonight, at least one or more of the girls have a cell phone to their ear. How did we ever survive without cell phones.

They have had so much coke and candy tonight, I don't think anybody will be sleeping tonight..They're still screaming, and I have a headache.

Follow-up to above:

Okay, it is now 2:34 Sunday morning, and these girls are still going strong, probably all the sweets & caffeine...They are no longer screaming, just talking really, really loud. I don't think I will be able to stay up too much longer.

Follow-up to above:

It is now 11:37 Sunday morning. The girls were up around 10:35 - screaming again. I have a headache.

Follow-up to above:

It is now 7:49 Sunday night, and everyone has gone home. The mess has been cleaned up, and it is finally quiet...but I still have a headache. I believe April had a great birthday.

(Originally written January 17, 2009)


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