Sunday, January 25, 2009

On-Line Banking

I opened an H&R Block savings account when I had my taxes done. So yesterday, I go to their online website so I can see if my money had been deposited into the account. I click the "online banking" tab and read, "to register call 1-888-OUR-HRBB". I call this number, hold for 20 minutes, and then was given another number to call. I call that number, hold for 17 minutes and was then given yet another number to call. I call that number, hold for 24 minutes and was given the FIRST number I called and was told to call that number again.

I call that number again, hold for 14 minutes and was given another number to call. By this time, I am tired and frustrated, so I wait until this morning to call the last number given to me. I call that number, enter my card number and got a recording, "This is not the right institution for your Emerald card number. Thank you", and it hangs up on me!! So...I go back to the H&R Block website, click the online banking tab and call the first number I called yesterday. I held for 15 minutes, someone answers and now I am on hold again...10 minutes later, and I'm still on hold...(I really need to go to the bathroom, but I don't dare hang up)...I hold 5 more minutes, the lady comes back on, was talking and then cuts me off!!!

It's 10:25 a.m., I called the first number again, but this time I pushed "3" instead of "1" , and I think I am actually talking to someone who knows what they are doing...but I am on hold again...I can't believe this, after all the hassle I went through yesterday and this morning, a very nice and efficient lady set my account up in less than 5 minutes...YEAH!!!...

I log into my account, and there is no money in my savings account.

(originally written January 21, 2009)


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