Sunday, January 25, 2009


OK, so my oldest daughter turned 18 & she came home with a...TATTOO!! It wasn't so bad though. She got hot pink and lime green stars outlined on her arm - about 4 stars. So, I got used to it. Then she came home with the side of her nose pierced. It wasn't so bad though. It was a small diamond, and I got used to it.

Then she came with another tattoo...and then another piercing...and then another tattoo...and another...and another. I think she may have five tattoos now. It no longer surprises me. She reminded me that she has told me since she was six that when she turned eighteen, she was going to get a tattoo.

She wants to be a youth minister. She says that people with piercings and tattoos don't go to church, because people (Christians) judge them (and this is so true. I look normal, and I have walked into certain churches and felt looked down on.) Anyway, she says that if she has tattoos & piercings, it will be easier for her to reach out to this group of people.

So I tell her that her reasoning is good, but what church is going to hire her with all these tattoos and piercings? So, she says she'll just start her own church where everyone will feel welcome.
Well, if that is what God is calling her to do, who am I to stand in the way.


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